Final modular control

The final module control will be carried out in the computer class of the Department of Pharmacotherapy, which is based on the Kharkiv City Student Hospital.

You must have your login and password to pass the test.

The final modular control consists of 40 tests on all subjects of the subject. To pass the test is provided 40 minutes. Each test contains one correct answer. For each correct answer is given 1 point. The minimum number of points to be summed up for the final module control is 25 points. The maximum number of points is 40.

To complete the final module control, 3 attempts are provided. The next attempt is allowed after 12 hours.

The test is on the site Дистанционного обучения ( → Кафедра фармакотерапії → Матеріали для самостійної підготовки студентів → Pharmacotherapy with pharmacokinetics

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Example Final Modular Control