Historical information

Department of Pharmacotherapy is the first clinical faculty in higher pharmaceutical education USSR, it was founded February 1, 1985 at the Kharkov State Pharmaceutical Institute. The main objective of the course is mastering pharmacotherapy future pharmacists principles drug pharmacotherapy separate nosological groups of diseases, drug correction of disorders of the body rational, efficient and safe use of medicines in public health practice. As head of the department, was elected Doctor of Pharmacy B.A. Samura.

The research work of the department since its founding made in two directions: the study of the relationship between chemical structure and pharmacological action of new, newly synthesized or natural compounds on laboratory animals in acute and chronic experimental and preclinical studies of new high specific activity compounds or new drugs forms.

In 1986, the department was open course “First aid”, which aims to educate students urgent methods of providing first aid in case of accidents

In 1991, was opened the course “Pharmacokinetics”, whose main purpose is to provide students the knowledge and skills to establish a connection between the concentration of drug in the tissues of the human body and pharmacotherapeutic effect, which promotes the development of optimal treatment for rational pharmacotherapy.

Scientific – research activity in the department of pharmacotherapy was conducted in close collaboration with the Department of Pharmacology, Moscow Medical Dental Institute (Head of Department – Professor Yu.F. Krylov), Russian Peoples Friendship University (Head of Department – Corresponding Member of RAMS, Professor V.K. Lepakhin) , Chernivtsi medical Institute (Head of Department – Professor Yu.I. Ivanov) and the Department of Pharmaceutical chemistry Kaunas Medical Institute (Head of Department – Associate Professor E.L. Tarasyavitsyus), Department of Organic Chemistry (Head of Department – Professor B.A. Priymenko), Biochemistry (Head of Department – Professor M.I. Romanenko) and Pharmacology (Head of Department – Professor V. Danube) Zaporozhye Medical Institute, Departments of Pharmacognosy Yaroslavl Medical Institute (Head of Department – Professor N.S. Fursa) and scientific Research Institute of therapy AMS of Ukraine (Director – Academician of RAMS, NAS and AMS of Ukraine, Professor L.T. Malaya).

Since 1992, the department has Postgraduate study and since 1995 – time Doctoral. As of July 1, 2004 under the leadership of Honored Scientist of Ukraine, academician of the Ukrainian ASTC, Doctor of Pharmacy, professor B.A. Samury was defend 24 doctoral and 90 master’s theses.

Since 2003, the department began to lecture and conduct classes on first aid, pharmacokinetics and pharmacotherapy with students of department for foreign citizens who are studying in English. Since 1993, the Department annually held all-Ukrainian scientific-practical conference “Medications to human” with the participation of specialists from other countries. The conference discussed issues diagnostics, clinical, drug therapy of human diseases, the results of clinical trials of new drugs, methods of purposeful synthesis and pharmacological screening of new synthetic and isolated from medicinal plants of organic matter in order to create on their basis of new medicines.

At the department taught the following subjects: pharmacotherapy, general pharmacokinetics, first aid, general surgery, nervous and mental diseases, skin and venereal diseases, surgery and therapy in extreme conditions.

Since April 2005 the department was headed by Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor L.V. Derimedvid (2005 – 2008), from October 2008 – Professor B.A. Samura (2008 – 2011).

On 1 September 2011 the head of the department of pharmacotherapy was elected Doctor of Medical Science Kireev I.V. At this time special attention is given methodical, scientific, medical, and career-oriented work of the department, establishing international links. At the department underwent a major renovation of premises. Created on Educational and Training class for working students with practical skills provide first aid and care, which is equipped with phantoms and simulators, means care seriously ill and babies, visual educational posters.

Much attention is paid to the training of scientists and research. Defined and updated direction clinically-experimental research. The main scientific directions of the department are: the study of pharmacotherapy of tuberculosis, the pharmacokinetics of anti-TB drugs and pharmacogenetic traits of patients; pharmacotherapy of pain syndromes, anxiety and autonomic disorders, antibiotic-associated diarrhea; use of multimodal analgesia as safe pharmacotherapy of postoperative pain syndrome.

In order to study and exchange of experience of teaching courses in other countries, and in order to establish international relations professor I.V. Kireev was visiting medical schools and made presentations at scientific conferences in Europe (Croatia, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, France), CIS (Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Armenia), United States (Chicago) and Asia (Mongolia); were signed cooperation agreements with the Kyrgyz State Medical Academy named I.K. Ahunbaeva, Tbilisi State Medical University, Warsaw Medical University, Medical University of Ulan – Bator. Cooperation with foreign universities and participation in international conferences, symposia gives the opportunity to learn experienced in the field of education and science, improve the quality of teaching and research.

Now at the department taught the following subjects: pharmacotherapy, general pharmacokinetics, pharmacotherapy and pharmacokinetics, first aid, handling technology, nursing, factors and mechanisms of pharmacological activity and toxicity of drugs on the stages of pharmacokinetics.