Introductory medical training

The main objectives of practical training is:

1. Familiarize with work and structural organization of the health facility.

2. Consolidate and deepen the theoretical knowledge and practical skills to master care.

3. Learn to assess and monitor the vital functions of the human body (to measure blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, and others).

4. Familiarize with technique of manipulation (different kinds of injections, enemas statement, jars, mustard plasters, gastric lavage, imposing bandages, etc.) .

In the study of the discipline, students are introduced with structure and work of the medical institution and its subdivisions, with the rules patient care with various diseases, with technique of treatments and manipulations, to a set of drugs for first aid in case of emergency and get practical skills to implement care of seriously ill, the imposition of different kinds bandages, aseptic bandages, assess the functional status of the patient (to measure blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, and others.)