Associate Professor Kashuta V. E.

Kashuta Viacheslav Evgenovich (10.06.1958, Kharkiv) – PhD in Medicine , Associate Professor of Pharmacotherapy NUPh (1996).

КашутаGraduated: Kharkov Medical Institute  (1983, specialty “General Medicine”, Qualification: doctor).

Worked: a doctor-intern 26 city hospital of Kharkov (1983-1984); district physician (1984-1986), head of the out-patient department (1986), chief physician Lyubotinskaya City Hospital (1986-1989); shop therapist (1989), Head of the therapy department polyclinic (1989-1990), the local physician the highest category Departmental hospitals station Lyubotin SRW (1990-1991); assistant (1991-1996), associate professor (since 1996) of the department of pharmacotherapy NUPh.

Teaching and Methodological Work. Gives lectures and conducts employments on disciplines “First pre-medical aid”, “Pharmacotherapy”, “Handling technology”. Co-author of 4 teaching aids, 16 methodological recommendations for doctors and students, typical programs on the subjects taught.

Scientific and research work. Scientific research work: Areas of research: the study of new effective and low-toxic substances with anti-inflammatory, diuretic, analgesic and other types activities in a number of acridine derivatives, benzoic acid and N-phenylanthranilic acids. Defended his Ph.D. thesis on “the pharmacological activity of acridine derivatives of benzoic and N-phenyl-anthranilic acid.” Co-author and author of more than 90 scientific papers.

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