Associate Professor Savokhina M.V.

Savokhina Maryna Volodymirivna (10.07.1965 Tyachiv, Zakarpattia region) – PhD in Medicine of Russia (2005), of Ukraine (2010), Associate Professor of Pharmacotherapy NUPh (2011).

Савохина М-1Graduated: Kharkiv Medical Institute (1990, specialty “General Medicine” Qualification: doctor)

Worked: doctor-intern of the Road Clinic Hospital (RCH) (1991), physician of polyclinic department RCH (1992-1996), resident of the Department of Gastroenterology of the Kharkov Institute of Advanced Medical Training (1996-1998), Head of the Therapeutic Department of polyclinics CCH №13 (1998-2003), chief specialist of the department of therapeutic and preventive care to adult population DPH Kharkiv Regional State Administration (2003), Head of the department of of prevention of polyclinic department №2 CCH №1 (2004), assistant (2004-2011), ), Associate Professor (с 2011) Department of Pharmacotherapy NUPh. Physician of the highest category.

Teaching and Methodological Work. Gives lectures and conducts employments on disciplines: «First pre-medical aid», «Pharmacotherapy with pharmacokinetiks», «General  pharmacokinetiks», «Care of patients». Co-author of 2 textbooks, of typical programs for profile disciplines, 19 methodological recommendations for doctors and students.

Scientific and research work. Areas of research: pharmacological and pharmacotherapeutical studies of anti-inflammatory, diuretic, hepatoprotective drugs, the development of management schemes and safe pharmacotherapy of bronchial asthma and COPD, the problem of effective and safe antibiotic therapy. Theme of doctoral thesis: “The pharmacological activity of the salts of substituted acridine-9-tiootstovyh acid”. Co-author of more than 90 scientific papers.

Orcid ID: http://0000-0002-0143-9707