Postgraduates, doctoral the Department of pharmacotherapy

Assistant Professor Kunovskyy V.V. performs doctoral thesis on the topic: “Predictors of efficacy of pharmacotherapy of pain and anxiety syndromes in patients with acute pancreatitis with the main patoetiolohichnyh factors, clinical course and gender characteristics of patients.”

Assoc. prof. Trishchuk N.M. performs a doctoral thesis on the topic: “Predictors of the effectiveness of pharmacotherapy of emotional and cognitive disorders in patients with essential hypertension.”

Assistant Verkhovodova Yu.V. performs a PhD thesis on the topic: “Clinical and pharmacological assessment of the effectiveness of the use of probiotics and Salvia Officinalis extracts for the prevention and treatment of dysbiotic disorders associated with the use of antibacterial agents.”

Assistant Tsemenko K.V. performs a PhD on the topic: “Study of pharmacological activity of extracts of Vaccinium vitis-idaea L.”.

Assistant Tolmacheva K.S. performs a PhD on the topic: “The study of the pharmacological activity of extracts from shoots Rhododendron tomentosum.”