ХХХІІ Ukrainian scientific-practical conference with international participation “Medical Drugs for Humans. Modern Issues of Pharmacotherapy and Prescription of Medicine”

XXXІІ Ukrainian scientific-practical conference with international participation “Medical Drugs for Humans. Modern Issues of Pharmacotherapy and Prescription of Medicine” was devoted to contemporary problems of drug therapy of lung diseases, namely: pharmacotherapy in adults with COPD, smoking, asthma.

The conference brought together practicing doctors, pulmonologists, family doctors, drug treatment specialists, pharmacists, scientists, experts from relevant medical and pharmaceutical establishments of Ukraine and foreign organizations.

Interdisciplinary issues lung diseases seen between the doctors Kharkiv Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, the State institution “Institute of Neurology, Psychiatry and Toxicology, Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine”, Kursk State Medical University, health care practitioners, pulmonologists.

Since this conference for many years enjoyed great success among doctors, during the conference was used mode on-line conference, which was attended by the city of Ukraine (Sumy, Kremenchuk, Zaporizhzhya, Dnipropetrovsk, Lviv, Kharkiv region (Balakleya, Barvenkovo, Bliznetsy, Bogoduhov, Borovaya, Valky, Velikiy Burluk, Volchansk, Zmiyov, Izym, Krasnograd, Lypova Roshsa, Lyubotin)) and abroad. This allowed the doctors, scientists and pharmacists from different regions of Ukraine and abroad to discuss current issues and problems of medicine and pharmacy with leading scientists and experts.

For the purpose of European integration in the medical, scientific and pharmaceutical industry attended the conference Spain, Portugal and France, which caused interest from the Ukrainian colleagues. In total, the on-line attended by 187 participants, and at the beginning of the plenary meeting registered 138 participants.

The main focus of the conference was to discuss the rational and effective drug therapy, in particular, were considered standard of care in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in adults, treatment antibiotic -associated diarrhea diarrhea, prevention of smoking, plasmapheresis in bronchial asthma, standards of care for tuberculosis.

During sectional meeting of the conference were published results of experimental and clinical studies, aspects of the study and introduction of new drugs, preclinical pharmacological studies of biologically active substances of natural or synthetic origin, the question about the features of teaching biomedical and clinical disciplines in higher education.

According to the results the Conference were published materials, totaling 392 pages, which include abstracts and articles. Edition allows physicians and pharmacists to review and practice the latest achievements of modern pharmacotherapy and put into practice health drugs effectiveness has been proven scientific research.

The conference “Medication to human” is an important step in the program of postgraduate education of physicians and pharmacists from the perspective of effective and safe use of the principles of pharmacotherapy with emphasis on interchangeability medicines in comorbidity and in patients of different age groups.

Conference facilitated cooperation and introduction into practice the results of experiments and experiments not only Ukrainian, but also foreign scientists, as well as the most successful and judicious use of medications domestic producers as part of the national program of import substitution and reimbursement.

Participation academicians NAS and NAMN, leading specialists of different branches of Health of Ukraine, foreign scientists and doctors of various specialties once again speaks about the professional level conference “Medication to human.”

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